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Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts-28th May-4th June


CWMDU  SHOW14th July 


Abergavenny Food Festival 15/16 September 2018

Dark Skies Event in Cwmdu

Astronomers revisit Cwmdu

Baker Street Irregular Astronomers will be holding a major “Dark Sky” event in September. After the brilliant success of the previous visits we know it’ll be something very special to watch out for. The astronomers first visited us last September (2012) when the gath

Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall visit Hay festival

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have attended the opening day of the Hay Literary Festival in Powys.

Astrocamp At Cwmdu Campsite

Our campsite played host to the Astrocamp event on 5th May 2013. This astronomical gathering has proved another outstanding success. Excellent weather has meant that this has been the best event of its kind held in the UK over the last 12 months! Clear skies last night showed yet agai